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Well, first of all:

I have more guppy fry! This time I am keeping them in the community tank to see for future reference if they can survive. I had virtually no hiding spots in my tank but I spottend them shortly after birth and was able to put in some hiding spots before they were eaten. i put in lots of little things like the lid and removeable bottom of a breeder tank, an old plastic plant, some fry screen etc. i have spotted about 10 still alive and swimming about happily in the tank amongst the adults who, surprisingly, seem to take no notice to them. maybe they cann’t see them?

Next, I went to the petshop again today!

This time i picked up a few things, mainly for the benifit of my guppy fry.

Sponge filter:

I got a sponge filter to use untill my guppy fry get a little (or a lot) bigger. it’s a pretty big one! The box says it’s an Aqua One FilterAir 136. it’s the biggest one they had available at the pet store and cost me AU$20.00.

Fake Plants:

These are plastic and bushy. they came in a pack of four. Their length is adjustable, the stem is a click-together kind of a design. It looks kind of like foxtail, but there is more than one variety of plant, all are slightly different shape and colour.


This is a very fine powder like substance. It’s apparantly really good for developing fish. Here are just a few of the ingredients:

Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, fish meal, krill meal, squid meal, calcium and a whole heap of different kinds of vitamins.

Sound good? The person at the pet store seemed to know what he was doing. He highly reccomended it to me and said that he knows many professional breeders that buy it regularly. while it is a small container, you only need such a tiny bit each feeding. it will last me for months! When they get big enough I will treat the whole tank to some live bloodworm, brine shrimp or maybe some white worms. I don’t know too much about them but the pet store said they usually carry them. I also have freeze dried bloodworms they get fed a few times a week. I really hope at least a couple of these fry grow up to be healthy!

 So, anyway, now my tank is pretty much fully equiped. Filtration is provided, there are many hiding spots through out the tank and I have a variety of foods on hand. Bunch of pretty lucky guppies if you ask me!

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Here is a video I found on Youtube. It’s cute, funny, and shows you what a weather loach does when the weather is about to change!


My pregnant guppy is still, well, pregnant. I though she was showing signs last night so i turned off the lights and mechanics and made the room quite dark and quiet, but i guess it was a false alarm.

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Details on aquarium:

The dimentions will hopefully be 6′ x 20″ x 18″

The aquarium i am currently interested in is a package deal. It comes with the tank (obviously, lol), a stand, for filtration it comes with an Aqua FX SPR2200 or RESUN SP-3800L, a 300 watt heater and a 6 foot single Dalbarb for lighting. I also want a UV light to use at night. i want to use black non-living sand. It will hopefully be a natural looking tank with driftwood and live plants. For fish I am not too sure yet, but am hoping to get 2 dojo loaches (1 gold 1 normal), guppies (currently have 4, 2 males 2 females, plus any babies they might have between now and when i get my tank), 4 dwarf gouramis (1 male and one female original and one male and one female of honey/gold variation), an assortment of angelfish (not sure of colour variations yet, but i am definetally wanting at least one marble) and a group of 5-10 neon tetras. although neons are natural prey of angelfish, i am hoping that with the cover of driftwood and plants along with the sheer size of the tank (well, I think it’s pretty big, considering i’m not exactly what you would call a professional aquarist!) they will be able to live together alright. if i get too many guppies i will give some away to friends/relavites and trade the rest to the local fish store for shop points/credit. Or, I could just sell them in the paper!

Pregnant guppy update:

Well, one of my guppies is still pregnant, the one with the red tail. For a female she has lots of finnage and a very vibrant red colour that goes up along the top of her tail to the fin on her back. She is very pretty and i am excited to see how the babies turn out. however, i have some doubts. She has been like this for well over the average month and is very fat. her gravid spot is still very large. I am wondering if she will even make it through, let alone have her babies. Death is uncommon but possible in pregnant guppies if things don’t go right. Let’s all hope everything will turn out fine!

New tank item and supplies:

I have justgone to the LFS this afternoon. I got some freeze dried bloodworms as an easier alternative to my frozen food (I have frozen bloodworms and frozen baby brine shimp in my freezer atm), some more goldfish food and a 40cm silk plant. very nice! Only it’s too tall for my 38cm tank, and that’s without the gravel! Oh well, it just sticks out the top.

Will keep you all updated on everything!

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The goal:

To have a 105 gallon / 400 litre aquarium set up with fluresant lights and normal lights, that can be set up to support freshwater and marine set-ups, and also turtles (of coarse not all at once, just that i want to experiment over the years). It will be equipped with all the best accessories, including a reverse cycle chiller.

The  new lives:

On the morning of Tuesday 26th Febuary, I woke up and headed to my tank to feed my fish. I saw something tiny swimming around the top of my tank, thought it was just a snail, looked again and found out I had guppy fry in my plant! I raced to the bathroom and washed out a vase I have. don’t worry, the fry have ample room to swim around in it. sadly, I could only find 3 fry. The others must have been ‘consumed’ by the males or the other female I had in the net breeder. They were all a silvery-whit, light colour except for one, it is a dark colour. all over his body is like a dark brown. On my way home that afternoon I stopped by at ‘Petco’, one of my fave local pet stores, and purchased four more bushy plants and a plastic ten gallon tank from ‘The Wearhouse’. Also I picked up a thermometer. When I arrived home I put the thermometer in the vase (ie the nursery) and I put the males in the 10 gallon tank, now to be known as the Yellow Room, so that the fry from my other guppy will have a better chance of surviving when they are born. after my other guppy has had her fry, the males will be going back into the main tank. The Yellow Room will then be used as the maturing tank. I planted the plants in the main tank and released the females from the net breeder. at that point I had realised that there was a guppy in the bottom of the net breeder, the rest had squeezed out but this one chose not to for some reason, or it just could not fit. he must’ve been damaged when I was releasing the females, I was unawear it was in there untill i saw him at the bottom of the tank (i had seen him earlier but thought he escaped, i thought he was one of the ones in the jar). I put him in the vase and watched. he seemed to have difficulty staying at the top of the vase with the others, but over the days he seemed to grow stronger and was having relatively no problems at all. he was my special guppy; he was darker than the rest. i thought for sure he would make it, he was growing bigger and stronger every day! however, he sadly did not make it. he was fine this morning. i clean out my fry’s vase every second day. today was was a cleaning day. i caught all the guppies in a plastic cup and put them in a jug. i then go and tip out the water in the bathroom sink, clean the vase and the thermometer , bring back the vase and fill it with water from one of my other guppy tanks. I put all the guppies back in, he seemed to half-float to the bottom, and was kind of rolling. at this point i was very worried, but when he got to the bottom he jumped up and started swimming around again. i thought he was just being silly or something, but i was going to keepo an eye on him. i checked in on him later. he was on his back at the bottom of the tank. i put my hand in just to make sure, but he was definetaly dead. i have no idea what happened, but i think he may have been damaged with all the moving. RIP.

The disaster:

This morning i woke up to find that my glass top had broken in half, and my light had fallen into my tank. the glass and half of the light were submerged. thank god my light was unplugged. both of the females are okay, but i suspecy the female who has not yet gived birth will most likely reabsorb the babies due to the shock. Now I am in need of a new light AND a new custom made glass lid. this will put a serious dint in my savings towards my aquarium. with my birthday being next saturday, 8th march, i am hoping to have some repairs done by then, but i don’t think i will have enough money.

One last thing that you might be interested in, I had a bit of black algae on one of my ornaments. i scubed it with a toothbrush but being on the tips of a fake anemony it’s pretty hard to get off. i got rid of what i could with a toothbrush, the rest i killed by soaking it in hot water for an hour or so, changing the water as it cooled. it is now all gone, as far as i know.

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