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Many of you would be familiar with my Siamese fighting fish, or betta, named Ajax. Not too long ago I went away for a few days. You may be aware that most fish can go more than a few days without feeding easily. Despite my clear request that nobody touch my fish while I was away, somebody decided to ignore me, and majorly overfed them. I could tell because they were so fat when I got home. It’s definetally not a good thing when your fish have been fed to the extent where they look as though they might be pregnant. Due to my goldfish recently passing away I had a spare 9 gallon tank that was meant to be for Ajax since day one. I didn’t want any possibility of my betta getting any disease from the tank’s last inhabitants, so I completely cleaned out the whole tank and let everything dry before setting it back up again. I realised after I put Ajax in his tank that all of this was pointless, he was already dying.

I put his filter in there, as his 3 gallon had somehow cycled it’s self – don’t even bother asking me how this happened, I have no idea myself – so I put his filter in the new tank until tje bacteria spread to the 9g’s wet/dry filter. For the fist day in his new tank he hung around the top a lot, which was very uncommon for him. He didn’t even explore the tank. The wet/dry filter seemed to be bothering him so I turned it off for the time being. I thought this was just him adjusting to his new tank.

That night I went to feed him. When I looked at him from above I was horrified to see that his scaled were slightly protruding from his body. I tried feeding him peas, in case it was a blockage, but it didn’t help the situation at all. I would have done a water change, but the tank had only recently been set up, and the water was still practically perfect.

Over the couse of a week or so he only got worse. Unfortunately dropsy is one of those horrible diseases that cannot be treated. Ultimately your fish will probably die. Unlikely as it is, some fish do recover with clean water and proper general care. Not Ajax.


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