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Things have been running pretty smoothly. I currently have three tanks set up; if you’re interested in my current stocking or tank details, take a look my page, ‘The Tanks and Fish.’ I have put a heater in each of the tanks, ready for Winter (it’s getting quite cool here in Australia).


I’m still aiming to get that 4 foot aquarium sometime. My stocking ideas have changed yet again. Over the past few months I have become increasingly interested in oscars. I think it would be a pretty awesome setup if I could keep a tiger oscar in the 4 foot (90 gallon) aquarium, and after gaining some experience, maybe I could get another one and try my hand at breeding them. I could use the two 20 gallon tanks as grow out tanks and the 10 gallon to breed guppies and shrimp as feeders for both the adults and their young. Just an idea at this point.


Seeming how a 90 gallon is a little on the spacious side for a single oscar, another idea of mine was to try and keep it with a turtle or two. Depending on the breed of turtle, space probably shouldn’t be an issue. My main concern at this point is agression. I have heard that the oscar should co-exist with the turtle just fine, but the turtle may have a go at the oscar. If this is the case, perhaps they would be fine together if I allowed the oscar to grow a little, and got the turtle when it was quite young. I will have to do more research on this idea.


Of course, I will update with any new news as it comes.

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