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The blue rams were very good parents, they kept the other fish well away from their eggs, kept the eggs clean and removed white eggs (these would not have hatched). Unfortunately by day 3, they were sick of the whole parenting thing. The number of eggs diminished until none were left. I’m assuming the parents ate them. This could just be because they’re new parents, some fish will get it right after a few spawns. Hopefully I will have more luck next time. Even if none of the eggs hatch, it’s still a lot of fun to watch these fish in parenting mode.


The fish have all settled in to their current tanks and are doing well. I’ll post when the rams spawn again, hopefully sometime in the near future !

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Long time, no post. That’s because nothing post-worthy had happened, until now! But first… I only have 2 tanks running at the moment:


Tank one- 20g- 5 female guppies, 3 black kuhlie loaches

Tank two- 20g- 5 rummynose tetras, and now two german blue rams.


I aquired two german blue rams on Thrusday, 10th September. Thankfully they all looked mature, almost fully grown. They were pretty easy to sex. I chose the dominant male (I actually saw him lip-locking with another male in the store, he came out on top) and the largest female. She is about 1.5-2 inches, the male slightly smaller. Today, just four days after adding them to the tank, I came home to find that they have spawned on a large anubias leaf! There are about 100-200 eggs covering the surface of the large leaf. Both the male and female guard the eggs, and they do it well. I’ll keep you updated.

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