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Long time, no post. That’s because nothing post-worthy had happened, until now! But first… I only have 2 tanks running at the moment:


Tank one- 20g- 5 female guppies, 3 black kuhlie loaches

Tank two- 20g- 5 rummynose tetras, and now two german blue rams.


I aquired two german blue rams on Thrusday, 10th September. Thankfully they all looked mature, almost fully grown. They were pretty easy to sex. I chose the dominant male (I actually saw him lip-locking with another male in the store, he came out on top) and the largest female. She is about 1.5-2 inches, the male slightly smaller. Today, just four days after adding them to the tank, I came home to find that they have spawned on a large anubias leaf! There are about 100-200 eggs covering the surface of the large leaf. Both the male and female guard the eggs, and they do it well. I’ll keep you updated.


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