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Great news! A while ago I submitted 4 photos to www.thinkfish.co.uk and two of which have been posted in the gallery! To find them, go to www.thinkfish.co.uk > Gallery (under ‘your fishtank’ in toolbar) > Misc. Fish > find the two photos. One is of my blue male guppy, one is my red female. Here is a link to take you directly to the page:


Just click on the photos and an enlarged version will show on the screen provided above. It states the name of the photo and who they are by, mine will have ‘by Melinda’. Enjoy =]


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The goal:

To have a 105 gallon / 400 litre aquarium set up with fluresant lights and normal lights, that can be set up to support freshwater and marine set-ups, and also turtles (of coarse not all at once, just that i want to experiment over the years). It will be equipped with all the best accessories, including a reverse cycle chiller.

The  new lives:

On the morning of Tuesday 26th Febuary, I woke up and headed to my tank to feed my fish. I saw something tiny swimming around the top of my tank, thought it was just a snail, looked again and found out I had guppy fry in my plant! I raced to the bathroom and washed out a vase I have. don’t worry, the fry have ample room to swim around in it. sadly, I could only find 3 fry. The others must have been ‘consumed’ by the males or the other female I had in the net breeder. They were all a silvery-whit, light colour except for one, it is a dark colour. all over his body is like a dark brown. On my way home that afternoon I stopped by at ‘Petco’, one of my fave local pet stores, and purchased four more bushy plants and a plastic ten gallon tank from ‘The Wearhouse’. Also I picked up a thermometer. When I arrived home I put the thermometer in the vase (ie the nursery) and I put the males in the 10 gallon tank, now to be known as the Yellow Room, so that the fry from my other guppy will have a better chance of surviving when they are born. after my other guppy has had her fry, the males will be going back into the main tank. The Yellow Room will then be used as the maturing tank. I planted the plants in the main tank and released the females from the net breeder. at that point I had realised that there was a guppy in the bottom of the net breeder, the rest had squeezed out but this one chose not to for some reason, or it just could not fit. he must’ve been damaged when I was releasing the females, I was unawear it was in there untill i saw him at the bottom of the tank (i had seen him earlier but thought he escaped, i thought he was one of the ones in the jar). I put him in the vase and watched. he seemed to have difficulty staying at the top of the vase with the others, but over the days he seemed to grow stronger and was having relatively no problems at all. he was my special guppy; he was darker than the rest. i thought for sure he would make it, he was growing bigger and stronger every day! however, he sadly did not make it. he was fine this morning. i clean out my fry’s vase every second day. today was was a cleaning day. i caught all the guppies in a plastic cup and put them in a jug. i then go and tip out the water in the bathroom sink, clean the vase and the thermometer , bring back the vase and fill it with water from one of my other guppy tanks. I put all the guppies back in, he seemed to half-float to the bottom, and was kind of rolling. at this point i was very worried, but when he got to the bottom he jumped up and started swimming around again. i thought he was just being silly or something, but i was going to keepo an eye on him. i checked in on him later. he was on his back at the bottom of the tank. i put my hand in just to make sure, but he was definetaly dead. i have no idea what happened, but i think he may have been damaged with all the moving. RIP.

The disaster:

This morning i woke up to find that my glass top had broken in half, and my light had fallen into my tank. the glass and half of the light were submerged. thank god my light was unplugged. both of the females are okay, but i suspecy the female who has not yet gived birth will most likely reabsorb the babies due to the shock. Now I am in need of a new light AND a new custom made glass lid. this will put a serious dint in my savings towards my aquarium. with my birthday being next saturday, 8th march, i am hoping to have some repairs done by then, but i don’t think i will have enough money.

One last thing that you might be interested in, I had a bit of black algae on one of my ornaments. i scubed it with a toothbrush but being on the tips of a fake anemony it’s pretty hard to get off. i got rid of what i could with a toothbrush, the rest i killed by soaking it in hot water for an hour or so, changing the water as it cooled. it is now all gone, as far as i know.

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well, i figure it’s about time you meet some of the fish. these pictures were taken while all my fish were in my community tanks. the Blue Room, Red Room and Green Room are all new additions. i will be taking  more pictures fairly soon, i hope! you can click on the image for a bigger version. try it, the pictures look great!

blue tailed guppy. you can’t tell in these photos due to the effect of my light, but he has a beautiful gold tinge towards the front of the body.



this is my dalmation sailfin molly. yes, that’s right. he’s actually a dalmation. he used to look like an average dalmation, but he turned mostly black some time ago. under his gill covers, his eyes and the tip of his tail are still white. don’t worry, he is perfectly healthy.


sorry this next one is so big, it won’t let me use thumbnail. click on it for a proper image, it has a picture of one of my beatiful females, and my blue-tail male

click to see my stunning female with my blue tailed male

click here to see my goldfish. no thumbnail available!

click here! goldfish, mollie and platie. please note goldfish is now in a coldwater tank!

click to see my green snakeskin guppy. sorry, terrible image quality

click here! a great image of my guppies swimming together

lastly, click here to see my red tail female guppy when she was in the earlier stages of pregnancy

well, that’s all i have to share at the moment. hopefully i will be able to share with you at least one picture of my chinese algae eaters, but it can be hard to get a good picture of them. today i went to a local pet store (the australian version of pet barn, they own it) to look at tanks. when i get my new tank (hopefully 105 gallons, 400 litres) i will be putting my guppies in there, along with two or three dojo loaches. hopefully later on in the track i will be setting up a saltwater system, but i need more income first. while there i bought a small container of tetraColor tropical granuals, natural colour enhancer. they had flakes, but i thought they would enjoy granuals as a bit of variety. they do like it, so long as i crush it us. i now currently have a stock of algae wafers, color enhancer granuals, tropical fish flakes, goldfish flakes and frozen blood worm aka. mosquito larvae. oh and one last note: my female guppies, both, are now in the very late stages of pregnancy! =]] one of them is due pretty much any time now, the other is a little further behind. both are most likely within a few days. yay!

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