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Just a quick update on the current aquarium goal. I’m pretty set on this three foot package deal. The tank is 36″ long, 15″ wide and 18″ high. It’s 42 gallons. The package deal comes with a solid pine stand, a Superwin AHJ752 (internal) or Resun HF2002 (hang on) filter, a submersible heater (100 watts) and a 3 foot single dalbarb flourescant light and housing (30 watts, I will have to get another one). I will be getting a sloping pine hood, but it’s not included in the deal. I am hoping to get it around the 31st of October, the end of this month. As far as stocking goes, I have about 30 male guppies going in there. The female guppies will stay in the 18g. There are fewer females than males. I am also hoping to get a few different varieties of Australian rainbowfish. As with my other tanks, it will be fully planted, eventually. Once I get it, I plan to run the filter in the 18g for a few weeks, rather than cycling the tank. While this is going on, I will set up the tank with the live plants. I am considering sand, but i’m a little worried about vacuuming it all up each week. I may be going to the creek this week with the waterproof camer. If I do end up going, maybe I can get some good underwater snaps.

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My red-tailed female was pregnant for approximately 2 months when, 1 week and 2 days ago, she dropped her bundle! There are now about 30-40 fry happily swimming about. They don’t seem to hide, they really stay out in the open more than anything, which is fine since the adults don’t seem that interested anyway.


Well, all of the older fry are starting to get their colour! Some of them still have their clear tails, but two or three of them are starting to get some beautiful colours and patterns. they are now 4 weeks, 3 days old! Going to be a stunning lot.


I am trying to convert my tank from fake marine decorations to more realistic plastic and silk plants. Yesterday I paid a visit to the pet shop and got a small chunk of driftwood. After one night’s soaking in warm water, it was ready to go in and it really does look just great!


Please welcome to the Community Tank 3 stunning, fairly young black kuhlie loaches! The first day i got them they were very lively, but now they have become more shy. I only just got them yesterday, so i can’t wait to see if they are any more active after dark!


After soaking the driftwood i had to make some room for it in the tank, so i re-arranged a little bit. I took out 2 fake anemones, but left a long, thin yellow one in the tank. The guppies seem to really like it, and it’s been in there ever since i got the tank. The two i removed are now in the goldfish tank.


There have been some small changes to my tank plans. here is the current list:

5x swordtails

3x platy (get 2 more, already have 1)

3x molly (get 2 more, already have 1)

2x pearl gourami (aggressive?)

15x cardinal tetras

10x rummy-nose tetras

6x fancy guppies (3 I currently breed, hoping to keep 3 of the fry)

6x angelfish (thinking of reducing to 2-4)

3x black kuhlie loaches (already have)


4-6x upside down catfish


1x bristlenose pleco


1x rubberlip pleco


4-6x corydoras catfish


if the gourami’s turn out to be too aggressive, then i will instead get 2x dwarf gourami (gold), 2x dwarf gourami (common colouration). I would love to get some honey gourami’s of the true 3 spot variety, but apparantly they have some problems with territory and aggression. The reason I am thinking of reducing the angels is because of their cichlid breeding behaviour- I don’t want them to harm my other fish. Since it is a planted tank, i am hoping the majority of the cardinals will be able to escape the angels. if i have too many problems (hopefully the angels will be happy with each other and won’t pay much attention to the other fish) then i might (regretfully) have to return, give away or sell the cardinals.


Can’t wait for the new aquarium. No changes with the plans for the decor, i still want it plants, but i am thinking of mostly plastic/silk plants. tough decision! either way, i hope it will look great…

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Details on aquarium:

The dimentions will hopefully be 6′ x 20″ x 18″

The aquarium i am currently interested in is a package deal. It comes with the tank (obviously, lol), a stand, for filtration it comes with an Aqua FX SPR2200 or RESUN SP-3800L, a 300 watt heater and a 6 foot single Dalbarb for lighting. I also want a UV light to use at night. i want to use black non-living sand. It will hopefully be a natural looking tank with driftwood and live plants. For fish I am not too sure yet, but am hoping to get 2 dojo loaches (1 gold 1 normal), guppies (currently have 4, 2 males 2 females, plus any babies they might have between now and when i get my tank), 4 dwarf gouramis (1 male and one female original and one male and one female of honey/gold variation), an assortment of angelfish (not sure of colour variations yet, but i am definetally wanting at least one marble) and a group of 5-10 neon tetras. although neons are natural prey of angelfish, i am hoping that with the cover of driftwood and plants along with the sheer size of the tank (well, I think it’s pretty big, considering i’m not exactly what you would call a professional aquarist!) they will be able to live together alright. if i get too many guppies i will give some away to friends/relavites and trade the rest to the local fish store for shop points/credit. Or, I could just sell them in the paper!

Pregnant guppy update:

Well, one of my guppies is still pregnant, the one with the red tail. For a female she has lots of finnage and a very vibrant red colour that goes up along the top of her tail to the fin on her back. She is very pretty and i am excited to see how the babies turn out. however, i have some doubts. She has been like this for well over the average month and is very fat. her gravid spot is still very large. I am wondering if she will even make it through, let alone have her babies. Death is uncommon but possible in pregnant guppies if things don’t go right. Let’s all hope everything will turn out fine!

New tank item and supplies:

I have justgone to the LFS this afternoon. I got some freeze dried bloodworms as an easier alternative to my frozen food (I have frozen bloodworms and frozen baby brine shimp in my freezer atm), some more goldfish food and a 40cm silk plant. very nice! Only it’s too tall for my 38cm tank, and that’s without the gravel! Oh well, it just sticks out the top.

Will keep you all updated on everything!

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